Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Having breakfast in 5 different countries. - Part 2

Last week I listed the breakfast of the main countries of Taptrip. Seems many people liked that yummy post, so now I introduce other typical breakfast of other five countries where many people are taptripping.

6) MOROCCO: a traditional moroccan breakfast has tea, khobz (moroccan bread), harcha (fried bread), khobz b'chehma (stuffed bread), krachel (sweet rolls), omelet with veggies & cream cheese, sausage & egg tagine, beghrir & msemen (pancakes).

7) COTE D'IVORE: as the breakfast can vary according to each region, I decided to introduce the foutou which seems to be the most delicious one. It's made of creamy peanut butter, peeled & chopped cassava and plantains which attributes a salty taste, but also sweet.

8) GHANA: bread is the main food of this meal, and there are many kinds of bread: tea bread, sugar bread, brown bread and butter bread. All of them can be eaten with baked food, wheat flour and cassava flour.


9) PHILIPPINES: has a big variety of aliments, like: pandesal (small bread rolls), kesong puti (white cheese), champorado (chocolate rice porridge), sinangag (garlic fried rice), meat, fish or duck eggs. Coffee is also served and has a strong flavor.

10) IRAQ: it's basically composed by egg dishes, a flat bread known as khubz, an oval-shaped bread loaf called samoon, butter, jam, honey, cheese, libna (yogurt with olive oil), date molasses and sesame paste.


So, how delicious was this post? Do you know any other food from these mentioned countries? Your country also has delicious meals for breakfast? So, share with us in the comments and in Taptrip too!

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