Thursday, September 12, 2013

10 tips to get a Visa and travel anywhere.

Many people like traveling. Everyone surely has a destination where would like to go most, specially Taptrippers who make virtual trips and await for the day a real trip comes.

But, many things need to be done in advanced for it. For example: booking a flight, booking a hotel, plan which places you will visit and, in some cases, getting the Visa for the destination. For many people it's a terrifying theme because the idea of organizing everything to travel and have the visa denied is really bad. And, believe me, it happens more often then you think, even when the traveler has everything in order.

Because of that, here you can check 10 tips to apply and get the Visa for the destination you want to go. When you decide to travel, be sure to:

1) Have a valid passport. pay attention on the expiration date. If it expires before or during your travel period, you may not be allowed to leave your country.

2) Have a flight booking. Even countries which you don't need to apply for a Visa may ask you this. In many cases you need to buy the ticket to return in advance, so don't take the risk of making airport authorities think you will never come back to your country.

3) Have a hotel booking: it's also necessary to prove you have a place to stay during your trip. You can book a hotel online and pay only 10% of the total. Even if you end staying somewhere else, it's better to spend a few money and avoid risks. By the way, if you will stay in someone`s house, this person needs to send an invitation letter in advance.

4) Have cash, credit card and travel card. Never (I said never) travel with a few money. It's not convenient and, if you need to prove you have enough money to stay where you go as a tourist, you may have problem if you don't have the right amount. Always bring some cash with you. And don't forget to request an international credit card and a travel card. With this last one you can withdraw cash from ATMs and pay a very low tax.

5) Purchase a medical plan. It's very important and can be request in immigration departments too. Furthermore, if you need to go to the hospital during your trip, it's better to be covered by a medical plan than paying much more money for a private hospital, for example.

6) Have all the documents. Before applying to the Visa, check the website of the embassy and don't hesitate in calling them too to confirm everything you need to show. It's better asking them to explain everything like if you were five years old than having the Visa denied because one document or one detail was missing.

7) Contact people got the Visa. And contact who didn't get it too. Ask advice for who got and try to do the same as they did. Listen to who didn't get it and try to avoid everything they did during the application. 

8) During the interview, be calm. Sometimes an interview is also necessary to get the Visa. Many people get nervous or anxious this time. I know it maybe a tense situation, but control yourself and DON'T be nervous or anxious! Authorities may interpret it as if you were doing something wrong or hiding something. Anything suspicious may end in Visa denied.

9) Answer only what they ask to you. Many people talk a lot during the interview and it may have a bad interpretation because some people tend to talk very much to prove something. If you have everything in order, short answers are enough. For example:

- Which city are you going to?
- New York.
- For how long?
- 7 days.
- Someone else going with you?
- No.

10) Always tell the true. Some people believe if they lie - saying they have a better job, or more money, or friends where they are going to - can be easier to get the Visa, But, for God's sake, don't do it! Have your mom ever told you to always say the true? So, have this advice in mind during all Visa procedures; before, during and after the application. 

After all those steps, enjoy your trip as much as you can! Did you have problems to apply for a Visa sometime? Had you never any problem? Please, leave a comment sharing your history. And take good pictures during your travels to upload them in Taptrip. 

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