Monday, September 9, 2013

Introduce your country to the world!

A couple years ago I've met a traveler who went to my home country. She was from Japan and was traveling around the world alone. Everywhere she traveled to, she had to make new friends and find a way to enjoy the destination, which sometimes was hard.


We've met by the chance and I took her to meet many places. When her few travel days were over, she was very glad for the awesome time she had at my hometown. Actually all the places we went to (beach, parks, historic centers, etc) are just ok for me because I've lived there during my entire life, but for her everything was new and exciting. That’s when I realized there are many people in the world interested in knowing my city, my country.

And it’s just the same with your place. There are many people interested in knowing more about India, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Algeria, Cote d’Ivore, Morocco, Philippines, Ghana, Iraq, and so many others.  

I have no more time to hang out with my foreigner friends so often, but I can still introduce my country to then through Taptrip app. And you can do the same. It’s very simple.


After you choose ‘Make a tour’, you can upload pictures and information of your country and share with people from the whole world. The same way my Asian friend was very glad to know my place, many other people will be happy in knowing yours too. So, be a Taptrip guide and introduce your country to the world.

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