Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Interview with user: he met his girlfriend in Taptrip!

For today`s post I made an interview with Christian Comia, a Taptrip user from Batangas, Philippines. While many people meet new friends in Taptrip, Christian is got more than this: he met his girlfriend in Taptrip!

Although he lives in Philippines and she lives in Chile, they started a virtual relationship since September 5th. During this interview, he tells a little more about how it happened as well as other experiences regarding Taptrip.


Ivan (Taptrip): How did you and your girlfriend meet via Taptrip? During a virtual tour?
Christian: No, was not during a virtual tour. She added me.

Ivan (Taptrip): Did you decide where you will meet in person for the first time? 
Christian: Yes. I want to go to Chile.

Ivan (Taptrip): Have you met any other friends in Taptrip? Where are they from?
Christian: Yes. I've a friend from Hungary and a friend from Armenia. 

Ivan (Taptrip): Could you tell what you learnt from the cultural exchange via Taptrip?
Christian: I like different culture, it's very nice. I learnt to respect each other and other persons' traditions. 

Ivan (Taptrip): How would you recommend Taptrip to a friend who does not use it yet?
Christian: I recommended them to install Taptrip to know different cultures and different countries.

And if you also want to know different cultures, different countries, make new friends and, who knows, find a love just as Christian did, download Taptrip for Android or iPhone and have a lot of fun!

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