Wednesday, September 4, 2013

3 tips to make friends online!

Yesterday we posted an interview with Taptripper Confident Julius who made 120 virtual friends and will meet one of them in person for the first time this week. If you are also interested in meeting people from the whole world, here are some tips to make worldwide friends!

3 tips to make friends online

1) Join online groups. You might have some interest or hobby and it's much easier to find other people who have the same interest of you online. You can search many of them in Google. After joining a group about something you like, remember to introduce yourself and talk to everyone. This way, you will naturally meet new online friends.

2) Find friends in the social networks. Facebook and other similar pages offer the option to search individual friends according to interests. But, many of those social networks were developed for people who already know each other offline, remember to send a message introducing yourself instated of adding directly someone you don't know yet.

3) Be kind. The same way it can be easy to make online friends, it's also very easy to unmake them, it's just a matter of clicking on delete or block bottom. If you don't want the same happens to you, remember to be nice to everyone. 

Using these 3 tips, you can make many online friends, including in Taptrip app. While you join virtual trips to countries you are interested in, you can chat with many people and make new friends through Find Friends tool.

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