Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bus Tour: the best way to enjoy a destination!

Taptrip Paris

Paris, one of the biggest travel destination of the world. The first time I was in there, had no much time to visit everything, but a friend of mine took me to many places as the Eifel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees. If she had no time to go there with me, another option would be taking a bus tour (like the one in the picture).

Have you already joined those tours? They are very nice! For a cheap price (at least cheaper than a regular tour), the bus takes you and other travelers to the main tourist attractions while the guide tells you more about the city. 

It's a good oportunity to meet people and make new friends (especially if you are traveling alone) and learn more about the destination. I joined a bus tour in Japan which was great, but maybe I missed part of the fun because the guide and the travelers only spoke in japanese and was hard to understand everything.

Anyway, it was fun and now I am joining a tour to Dominican Republic, with a small diference: it's online.

Taptrip Tour
The red bus from Paris and the red bus from Taptrip are also very similar, right?

Via Taptrip App we can join virtual tours to many countries and they are very similar to the regular tours described above: there is a virtual bus and a local guide who uploads pictures and information about the place while the travelers can chat and know each other. 

The app has an automatic translator, so even if the guide and the travelers speak a language different of ours, we can all understand each other. 

So, next time you go abroad, join a bus tour. And next time you use your cell phone, join Taptrip. You will have much fun!

Download Taptrip App and make friends in more than 200 countries worldwide!

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