Thursday, October 3, 2013

7 hand gestures you must not use abroad!

One day I was talking to someone from Asia, he needed information about how to go to a place. I explained everything, he made a circle with his thumb and forefinger, showed to me and left. Luckily I've a bunch of asian friends and knew that gesture means OK, but in some countries from South America means something really rude.

It's good to see people from many countries getting along in Taptrip, but we must be careful about the gestures we use with people abroad. Let's check some of them:

1) Thumbs up

Although it's a common gesture in America which means OK, in Middle East it's an insult. Some say in South America and Africa it's unpolite too, but I've seen south americans and africans doing the same thing without any problem.

2) Talk to the hand

While it means a silly joke in some countries, in others as Greece, Korea and Pakistan it can be very offensive. Actually, seems many people don't like this gesture after all.

3) The V sign

For some people it symbolizes "peace" and "happiness". Japanese do that very often when they take pictures. But, in England, doing that with the palm facing toward the person is an insult which can result in a fight. The same happens in Australia and New Zealand.

4) OK


As said above, making a circle with your fingers and showing to someone means OK for some asians, but for south americans it's the same as showing the middle finger.

5) Come here

Curling your fingers to call someone may have a bad interpretation in some areas. In Brazil it can be understood like "did you get laid" while in Philippines you can also be arrested for doing it.

6) Rock N Roll

If you made this gesture with the hand on your head and point someone, may mean the his / her partner is probably cheating on him / her. In Italy and Brazil it's a very common meaning.

7) The middle finger

This has the same meaning everywhere you go. So, the same way you avoid to use it in your country, avoid using it some where else too.

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