Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Why do you travel?

During childhood I used to say that didn`t like to travel. Of course going somewhere new with the only purpose of having fun is amazing, but I was too lazy to organize backpack / suitcase, run to take the flight / bus and spend a lot of money on it. 

Of course that time my parents paid all the expenses, but it changed when I grew up. I prefered to use my salary to buy things that could last more like cloths, magazines, games than just memories and pictures of short funny days.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most touristic destinies of the world. So, was not unsual to have a walk and see a lot of foreigners visiting the city for a couple of days. Some of them had money and time to spend on trips, but I met a japanese who quote his job to travel during one month and two argentinians who used to work a lot and use all the money to spend one week in Rio every two years. And I still asked myself why. Why do they make so much effort for it? Why do they travel?

I started to ask everyone, but answers like "to have fun" or "to know somewhere new" didn´t convince me at all. But, then a friend gave me a very good answer that opened my eyes, he said: "I travel to know the planet where I live". Some years after another friend complemented and said: "World is too big and life is too short to live always in the same place".

Those two phrases were enough to motivate me to go everywhere I can while I am still alive in this world. Unfortunately, some people cannot do the same because they don´t have enough time or money. But, they can still use Taptrip to make virtual trips around the world and make friends in many countries. That`s why I like this app so much.

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