Friday, October 4, 2013

Do you really know your country?

Do you know why Sugar Loaf, a tourist attraction of Brazil famous in the whole world, has this name? Because it has the same form of refined sugar.


And do you know why Aomori ("Blue Forest" in japanese), a tourist attraction of Japan, is called like this? A forest is supposed to be green, but a long time ago, blue and green were the same color for japanese.

is this forest really blue?

And the big surprise is: many brazilians and japanese people don't know it. Only if someone - normally a foreigner - asks and, then, they need to search for the answer. That's why introducing your own country for people from another countries can be so fun and interesting. You can learn things that even you didn't know.

"so, let me tell you about my country..."
I have no more time to hang out with my foreigner friends so often, but I can still introduce my country to then through Taptrip app. And you can do the same. It’s very simple.

After you choose ‘Make a tour’, you can upload pictures and information of your country and share with people from the whole world. The same way my Asian friend was very glad to know my place, many other people will be happy in knowing yours too. 
So, be a Taptrip guide and introduce your country to the world.
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