Monday, October 7, 2013

Music, dance, fashion and showcases at Kampala Festival 2013.

Last sunday the Taptripper Confident Julius who was interviewed by Taptrip Blog last month sent me some pictures he took on sunday, October 6th, during a festival held in his city, Kampala, in Uganda. He said it's called "Kampala City Festival" and this was the second year ugandans celebrated it. Everything looked so interesting that I decided to research a little more about it.

The Festival of this year which theme was "Our City, Our Celebration" attracted about 100.000 people and had participation of over thirty corporate sponsors from the private and public sector and sixty vendors that shall light up the city during the parade which was full of music, dance, fashion and other showcases

Everyone who went there also had a chance to see animals from Uganda Wildlife Education Center and their guides who were always ready to tell interesting things about the animals. But, these monkeys below don't look that real for me. 

There were about 30 celebrities in the festival, including the singer Bobi Wine who sang "Tugambire Ku Jenifer". Although this song criticizes the city's authorities, everything was fine and its Executive Director Jennifer Musisi, asked for cooperation between people and authorities for everyone to have a safe festival.



According to Julius, the event was really big. "Honestly I was so impressed by the big turn up of people: the indians, europeans, americans...all turned up for the festival and all were very happy!" - he said. 

Have you been in Kampala Festival too? So, leave a comment here and share your experience in Taptrip!

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