Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Interview with user: he made 120 friends through Taptrip!

For today's post we made an interview with Confident Julius, an active Taptrip user who lives in Kampala, Uganda. He uses Taptrip since 2012 and reached the number of 120 friends. Now he tells a little more about the app and his experience with that.

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Tap Trip: Which points do you like most in Taptrip?
Julius: Well, the points I like most are many. But, I am gonna mention a few: being able to socialize with people from other continents and sending them friend request at the end of the trip.

Taptrip: How many friends did you make through Taptrip? 
Julius: I have been able to make so many friends and I think they are around 120.

Taptrip: Which countries are these friends from?
Julius: My friends are from so many countries: Japan, Ghana, Kenya, USA, Canada, UK, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, plus so many other countries!!

Taptrip: Could you tell us an interesting story regarding your Taptrip experience? 
Julius: I am going to meet my first Taptrip friend in person - Lucy - and she stays in Kenya! I will be leaving Uganda tomorrow for business purposes, but I have also made arrangements to meet Lucy for the first time!


And we wish Julius a very good time in this first meeting! Do you also have an interesting story regarding Taptrip that you would like to share? So, please tell us! Taptrip wants to hear from you and write about you!

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