Monday, September 2, 2013

A tour in Jericoacoara, Brazil: who will save the princess from the golden city?

Jericoacoara golden city

Jericoacoara is located in the northeast of Brazil, South America, and it’s famous for the awesome beaches which attract many tourists, especially during the summer. But, what some people do not know is: there is a magical legend about Jericoacoara.

According to it, a princess lives in a golden city inside of a grotto. But there is a wall which obstructs her to leave that place. Furthermore, she was transformed in a monster which is half woman, half snake and awaits for a brave man who rescues her from there. When it happens, she will be transformed into a beautiful princess again, will marry this man and they will live in a golden palace forever.

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Unfortunately this tour was finished and seems the princess was not rescued yet. But, don’t worry. Surely other tours to Brazil will be made soon, then you can join it and check more pictures and interesting stories.

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