Friday, November 15, 2013

Interview with user: he made good and loyal friends through Taptrip.

For today's post I made an interview with Nick Larson, an active user of Taptrip who lives in Rabat, Morocco. He has made countless friends with the app and found out interesting things about other cultures. Below he tells a little more about his experience.


Ivan (Taptrip): Which points do you like most in Taptrip?
Nick: The point that I like more in Taptrip is I can meet new people from all over the world and talk to anyone that I want to know. 

Ivan (Taptrip): How many friends did you make through Taptrip? 
Nick: I made a lot of good friends in Taptrip, I can't count them because they are to many. But, those are the best and loyal friends that I knew since my first time in Taptrip. It's about 10 good friends.

Ivan (Taptrip): Which countries are these friends from?
Nick: I have five friends from Japan, three from Indonesia, one from USA and one from Hong-Kong.

Ivan (Taptrip): Could you tell us something interesting regarding your Taptrip experience?
Nick: When I talk to people from different countries, I noticed that they have different ways of thinking, different ideas and different behaviors. And the most interesting thing is we can exchange our ideas, tell about our routine, share it, know more how people live in their countries.


And you can know people from the whole world and have great experiences too. Only need to download Taptrip for your Android or iPhone. And if you already have an interesting story regarding Taptrip that you would like to share, please tell us! Taptrip wants to hear from you and write about you!

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