Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Foreigners as guides of your country: is that really unusual?

Salvador, Bahia, one of the most famous tourist destinations of Brazil. My parents went to watch a presentation of Olodum, an afro-brazilian music group which became popular in the whole world after making a video clip with Michael Jackson. After watching the show, my parents were attended by a guide who was going to tell them more details about afro-brazilian culture. They were expecting to meet someone local, but surprisingly the guide was from Netherlands and spoke a very good portuguese.


For some people it may be strange to have the own country introduced by a foreigner, but for other people it's not that unusual. According to Ana Gasparottostudent  of Tourism in University of São Paulo, ''people interested in knowing more about other country can end loving it''. 

For her, there are many reasons why a foreigner decides to be the guide of some other country, like: the opportunity to show the country from other point of view, having a public excited to hear his / her stories or even giving something back to the country which welcomed him / her very well. 

Mariano Copes is one of them. He is from Argentina, but has been living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for four years. According to him, the local geography can be the main influence when someone decides to live somewhere abroad. His cousin, for example, went to United States to be a temporary ski instructor, but liked it so much that decided to stay and guide people who go there to practice this sport.


So, you don't need to be a native to be a guide of somewhere. You only need to like, have a good knowledge and interest about the place. 

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