Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Which are the 10 happiest nations of the world?


This week CNN informed which nations are more happy according to a research made by Columbia University's Earth Institute. The report was based in how satisfied people from many countries are with their lives. The 10 happiest nations are:

1) Denmark
2) Norway
3) Switzerland
4) The Netherlands
5) Sweden
6) Canada
7) Finland
8) Austria
9) Iceland
10) Australia

Your country is not in the list? Don't be sad, mine is not included too. However, there are other criteria which can determinate how happy a nation is. For example, a friend of mine says living in Sweden is better because the country has a good quality of life. In other hand, another friend says living in a tropical place like Brazil or Hawaii is better because both have many nature beauties.

So, according to those two friends, a whole new list could be done. Same with you, same with me. According to Taptrip, the Top 10 of nations is:

1) India
2) Dominican Republic
3) Saudi Arabia
4) Algeria
5) Brazil
6) Morocco
7) Cote d'Ivore
8) Philippines
9) Ghana
10) Iraq


You must be wondering why I mentioned these nations as Top 10. Very simple: currently, they are the countries which have many Taptrip users. But, this list can change from one day to other if many people from other country start to download the app, this is our criteria.

And our goal is breaking the barriers such as languages and distance and promote the real integration of the world. This way we believe to make not just 10, but all the nations that use Taptrip very happy!

In the Solutions Network's website you can check the full report and the whole list of 156 countries. And what are happiest countries of the world according to you? Leave a comment with your own list and let's talk about it. 

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