Friday, September 13, 2013

3 places to go if you feel homesick.

Have you traveled somewhere for a long time? During this time, have you felt homesick? It`s not unusual to miss home when we are very far from it, and sometimes doesn´t need to be for so long. I´ve met people who were homesick after being just two or three weeks far from home.

Anyway, if you feel like that and want to feel again the warmness of your country, there are 3 places where you can go:

1) Shopping Center. Doesn´t matter where you are, they are always the same. The architeture is the same (just a few different details), there is no clock (this way nobody knows the time is running and spend more time and money in there), the most expensive stores are near to the escalators and that´s where many women like to go. I´m pretty sure must be the same in your country.

2) McDonalds. Ok, maybe it´s not the same in many places. In Japan, they offer hot dogs. In India, they offer curry. In Brazil they offer salad. In France they may offer the same as everywhere else, but instead of yellow and red, the logo´s collors are yellow and black. But, you still have the big M and advertisement with Ronald which can make you feel like if you were at home.

3) Dancing Clubs. Dark, loud music and drinks. Wherever you are, all the night clubs maybe like this. The language people speak can be different, but if the music is too loud, then it doesn´t really matter. You can not hear what people say, even if you were at your home country.

After it, you will not feel so homesick and will enjoy your destination much more! By the way, you can also enjoy the virtual travels of Taptrip! The link to download is below.

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