Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Do as the babies: 3 tips to learn a foreigner language!

Many people have difficulty to learn another language, specially when they are already adults. After we got used to only one kind of pronunciation, it's hard to adapt our brain, tongue and body to another idiom.

But, you can learn and speak another different language if you follow the first steps you did to learn your native one when you were a baby. In other words, you only need to apply the tips below:

1) Listen. Nobody born and starts to talk right after it. We first listen to our parents and other people talking to us and then we started to assimilate what those phrases mean. The first words probably heard were 'mom' and 'dad'. Every time you listened to these words, you probably thought about your parents immediately. Now you need to do the same with the language you want to learn. Listen to it very often until you start to assimilate the meaning of each word.

2) Repeat. After learning the meaning of main words, it's time to repeat them just like babies do when they are growing up. Maybe you can find the same difficulty as them to pronounce correctly, but you will get used to it after talking everyday.

3) Be patient. The same way as a child takes years to speak a language, the same may happen to you. So, do not rush. If takes 3 or 4 years for a kid to speak properly with adults, it's OK if you need the same time. 

Although Taptrip has a translator tool which allows you to talk to people from other countries in any language, the app is also very good to learn other idioms. While you chat with someone, you can visualize the original message and the translation below, what helps you to increase your vocabulary. 

So, keep the babies' rhythm to learn a new language and keep enjoying Taptrip to increase it.

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