Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Online Dating: 6 steps to find your match!

Many users of social networks hope to find a match online. It´s what happens with Facebook, Instagram, Skype and Taptrip too. 

However, some people keep making the same mistakes that scary others insteated of attracting them. Are you interested in finding a soul mate online? Wanna know if you´re doing it correctly or not? According to many users, the next six steps are the best to make you get it:

1) Choose a nice photo for your profile. Nobody is interested in seing which car you have (or want to have) or how nice is the landscape of a picture you got in Google. Before seing those things, people want to see your face. So, please show it to the world and don´t forget to smile.

2) Say something nice at first. Many people only say "hello", "hi" or "hey" and expect the other person to start talking very exactly. Of course every conversation starts like this, but after it there must be something something interesting to talk about. If you meet in Taptrip, for example, you can talk about the country where the other person lives.

3) Use 5W1H if you don´t know how to keep the conversation. If you never heard about 5W1H, it´s "what, why, who, when, where, how". Through those words you can find out many things about the other person, like what she / he likes, where she / he is from, who she / he lives with and so on.

4) However, after making those questions, don`t start to ask for phone number, skype, facebook, etc. Everyone likes casual moments, so enjoy this first moment with no rush. 

5) Also avoid personal questions like "do you have girlfriend / boyfriend" if you had just met. The other person may feel uncortable with these subjects.

6) And the most important tip is NO NUDE PHOTOS. There are specific places for it. If you post pictures like this, your account can be blocked and you will lose the opportunity to meet a good match.

Hope you all enjoy Taptrip, make many online friends and - why not - find an online match!

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