Thursday, September 19, 2013

Curiosities about the Harvest Moon of last night!

Yesterday the full moon could be observed from the Northern Hemisphere of the planet which marks the beginning of the autumnal equinox that starts next Sunday, September 22nd. 

The full moon is called Harvest Moon because a lot of fruits and vegetables ripen when the summer ends in the Northern Hemisphere, what will be good to prepare yummy meals like the ones I listed in the last post.

The Harvest Moon has many curiosities and mysteries which I will share and explain to you below:

1) As the moon rises in a row at or near sunset, it looks larger to observers near the horizon than it does high in the sky. This phenomenon is called "the moon illusion" and there are many other illusions caught by the human eye like the skycrappers in Hong Kong which seem to be falling.

2) Have you notices sometimes the moon becomes orange? It happens because of clouds and dust in the atmosphere close to the horizon. So the Harvest Moon gets not only bigger, but also orange and shining. 


3) Did you know people from different countries see different things when they look at the moon? In Brazil, for example, they see a knight hiding a horse and killing a dragon. In Japan, they see a rabbit cooking rice.

And what do you see when look at the moon? Leave a comment and tell us. Did you take a picture of the moon last night? So, share it here, share in Taptrip and show it to the whole world. 

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