Monday, August 26, 2013

PHILIPPINES: Solar light bottles, a bright idea!

What do you do with plastic bottles? Some people just throw it away, other people recycle them. But, some people from Philippines had a different and bright idea: use them as light spots!

Solar light bottles in Philippines

But, how? Very simple. They only have to cut a piece of the roof and put the bottle on it. The sunlight will refracted in the bottle illuminates the whole house. Of course it only works during the day, but it's a good and sustainable improvement.

Solar light bottles in Philippines

This idea has brought not just light to poor areas, but had also created new job functions. Some families work producing them on demand. The cost of each is about one dollar and the requests have been growing more and more. For this reason, they believe the bottle lights will be increased not just in poor areas, but also in developed countries.

Is there bottle lights where you live? So, take pictures and upload them on Taptrip. The whole world is looking foward to see it

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