Friday, August 23, 2013

INDIA - Find the purity in the water of Ganga.

Ganges River - also known as Ganga - is the second largest river of India which flows from the south in Uttarakhand to the north in Bangladesh. For this reason, many people who live close to the river use it as a transportation facility.

However, for Hindus the river is much more important: it’s a holy place. According to them, the water is very pure and can remove all the impurities from anyone. With this purpose, many devotees take the holy bath during a festival called ‘Ganga Dashara’ held every year.

Ganga, India

But, the river is also heavily polluted, so before jumping into the sacred waters, it’s better to know if they are safe to bath. Because of it, many people and organizations are still battling to clean the river as the Sankat Mochan Foundation.

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kalyango julius said...

That sounds interesting but the pollution!!!!!!

Ivan Tap Trip said...

Seems some parts of the river are not polluted and that's where people go to bath.

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