Tuesday, August 27, 2013

JAPAN: 3 tips to enjoy the summer fireworks!

Hanabi is the japanese fireworks festival held every year during summer. Normally the presentation takes about one hour, but the event’s duration can be much larger than this. Here you can find some tips to enjoy it.

japanese fireworks

1) Arrive early. As everybody wants to watch the fireworks much closer as they can, it’s important to get there early to find a good spot. Up till 3 hours before the fireworks should be fine.  And remember to take a towel to mark it.

2) Take foods and drinks. Families, friends and couples usually go together to see the hanabi. As they need to get there early, drinking, eating and talking is a good way to pass the time while fireworks do not start. Like a picnic. 

3) Get dressed for this occasion. Many japanese use yukata which looks like a kimono, but it’s more comfortable, casual and cheap. There are models for men, women and kids. It’s ok if you do not have it, but it’s a good opportunity to wear japanese traditional clothes.

yukata japanese summer

And when the event is over, wait a little before going back home. Many people leave right after the fireworks end which makes the train get really crowded. Hanabi’s purpose is having fun! So, instead of leaving right away, stay a little more and have fun until the end. And do not forget to post the pictures in Taptrip and share with friends around the world.  

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