Thursday, August 29, 2013

KOREA: Cat Cafes - food, drinks and pets?

Do you like cats, but cannot have one because your house is too small or you do not have enough time to watch out your pet? Well, Korea has found a good solution for it: pet cafes.

Cat Cafes in Korea

Actually, this idea has been implemented first by other asian countries as Taiwan and Japan, but has been very increased in the major cities of South Korea in the last years. While order something to eat or drink, the costumers can play with the cats.

Differently of what many people think, the cat cafes are very clean and there are many toys which everyone can use to play with the cats. Normally, the felines are adopted by the Cafe`s owner and receive a good treatment. Some are even dyed and dressed to be more cute for the costumers.

cute kitties

Even if you have a pet, visiting Cat Cafes is something you can not miss out. And if you wanna know more about South Korea, join a virtual trip to there in Taptrip.

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