Friday, November 1, 2013

Why the same food can taste differently in other places?

Yesterday there was a special lunch in Taptrip`s office. As we had a long meeting to discuss improvements, nothing better than something delicious to give us energy during it! As part of us wanted pizza and the other part wanted paella, we ended ordering both. 

This was my first time to have european cookery in Japan. Although it was very good (the paella's rice has the right portion of salt and the sea food on it was so soft as the pizza), the taste was different of Brazil, my home country, and probably might be different of the original spanish and italian cookery.

"It tastes much better in my home place." - I am pretty sure you've heard that from someone or also said that to someone in life. But, why? Why the same food can taste differently from one place to other? I wanted to answer to this question during the conclusion of this post, but I can answer right now: because people are different and their taste for meals is different too. That's why the cookery has to be adapted according to the flavor of everybody from a specific place likes. Simple, huh? 

But, some people are against it. For example: sushi - a traditional japanese meal made with rice, fish and condiments - is also prepared with strawberry, mango, kiwi and other fruits in Brazil because it's a tropical country where many people love fruits. My japanese friends always say a big "WHAT?!" every time I tell them this and complement saying "a japanese sushiman would be very upset if sees something like that!"

But, we need to accept it as something new, an opportunity to try a different flavor of something we like very much. When I went to France, was surprised to see the fritter is different of Brazil because has no chocolate cream inside. According to a friend, the japanese curry is less spicy than indian curry probably because indians are stronger for spicy food. The japanese sausage is much smaller than the argentinian one, I found it by myself when went to a latin restaurant in Tokyo...don't know if will be back someday.

New experiences are good in life, specially if they are yummy. By the way, did you already download Taptrip and has the experience of making friends in the whole world? You can also send them pictures of what you had for breakfast and lunch. Install it now and have fun!


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