Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Japanese night clubs: how they are, where to go and how much they cost!

Some say clubs in Tokyo are very expensive, but one of the best in the world. In the last months I've been checking how true it is and now I can finally synthesize the japanese clubs in three genres: happy hour clubs, free entrance clubs and really expensive clubs.

Happy Hour: all you can drink for just one price!


Although there are many expensive clubs (not only to get in, but also to consume), you can find some cheap and good options. The Happy Hour is one of them. Many pubs and clubs offer all you can drink for a reasonable price of 1000 ienes (about U$ 10) from 7pm until 11pm. 

The first time I heard about it, couldn't believe how cheap it was. Specially because most of those places are located in Roppongi, one of the most expensive areas of Tokyo. And this is where I stop every Friday night after work to have a bunch of drinks. 

By the way, the way how japanese bartenders prepare the drinks are really disappointing. If you order a cocktail in some countries, for example, the person will cut the fruit, smash with sugar, cover with alcohol, shake and give you a beautiful cocktail. Here they just mix a cheap juice with the alcohol and "voila", your drink is done. This same one costs 1000 ienes each when the Happy Hour is over, that's why it's important to enjoy it as much as you can.

Clubs with free entrance...really?


However, one day I decided to stay overnight and see what happens after 11pm. While I walked through the streets of Roppongi, saw a lot of people and many clubs which looked very expensive. Suddenly, a friend who was with me wanted to get in one of them which, for my surprise, had free entrance.

But, as nothing fun is free, everyone needs to buy a drink after getting there which costed about 1000 ienes. And the bar is just in front of the entrance to avoid people to get in and go to the dancing floor without buying anything. 

But, that day was so crowded that some people went to the dancing floor without ordering anything (me included). And then I found out the staff in there is not so stupid: part of them walks around the dancing place with lamps to see if everyone is drinking. If someone is not holding a bottle or glass or if it's empty, they approach with the menu and say "order something now". And this is how I was forced to spend more 1000 ienes for a little bit of fun.

Really expensive clubs: get your wallet ready!

Ok, there is no much I can tell about the really huge and nice clubs because I've not been there yet. And the reason is obvious: they are very expensive. According to friends, they cost between 3000 and 4000 ienes (about U$30~U$40) for the entrance plus everything you order. 

I've met people who only go to this kind of place and the reason is the same as everywhere in the world: they feel if the place is expensive, than it's the best. But, it is not true. 

If you just want to have fun during the nightlife of Tokyo, my recommendation is joining the Happy Hours and the places which entrance is provided if you buy a drink. If you are worried about the staff checking out all the time if your bottle or glass is empty, do like me: order a bottle of black beer or other thing which bottle is nor transparent and no one can see the content. Then, pretend you are drinking during the whole night. This way, you drink less and enjoy more and avoid ending like this.


Now, a curious advice: in some places is "forbidden" to dance due to an unusual situation which happened in Japan awhile ago. So, be sure it's ok to dance before starting to shake your bones.


And how is the nightlife of your country? Please, leave a comment describing how it is and upload pictures in Taptrip! People from the whole world want to see how people from your country have fun! 
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