Wednesday, November 6, 2013

If Roller Coaster is scarring, why do we feel so excited?

Roller Coaster. Typing this world already freaks me out.  But, even so, I met some friends and went to an attraction park in Yokohama to face the giant toy. There was a long time I had not gone to this attraction, maybe more than 15 years. However, what I felt was just the same of last time: scared at first, scared during, but happy and excited when it finished.

But, if Roller Coaster is scarring, why do we feel so excited and have so much fun? I think the friend who was with me gave the right answer to it: "because makes us feel alive". Getting into a cart which takes you up and down really quickly as if you were going to die at any moment is what moves us to this attraction. This excitement which makes us feel alive is what we like it so much. We want to feel excitement in life!

Because of that, some people like to do dangerous things to feel this same status of excitement. I've a friend who ran a big avenue naked, despite the fact he could be caught by the police and be under arrest. Another friend likes to surf, but only when the waves are very brave, despite he can be caught by the ocean and die. For them doing dangerous things makes them feel excited, but we do not need it to feel that way.

A big proof of it is passion which also makes us feel excited. And also nervous, with heart jumping and hands sweating, this is what we feel when we are in love...and that's what I felt when jumped into the Diving Vanish Coaster Roller too! As words are very limited to describe that moment, you can check the video bellow made by a fellow who was much less scared than I was.

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