Friday, September 27, 2013

Low budget? Travel for free with Taptrip!

Traveling is fun, but expensive. I still remember the expenses I had with my last travels: from Brazil to Argentina costed about US$ 700; from Brasil to France about US$ 1200; and from France to Japan no less than US$ 2000.

During all those holidays, I stayed in hostels because they are cheap and more fun than a hotel. Plus, you can meet many people, like a republic. But, you must be careful to choose a good one. The Nomadic Matt Blog gives some tips about how to find a nice hostel.

When you come back home, three things remain from your travel: pictures, contacts of new friends and a good feeling inside. Unfortunately these three things cost a lot of money to afford flight tickets, travel agency fees, accommodation and so many other expenses. If your budget is low and you cannot pay for a travel now, then I've good news: Taptrip can offer you these same three things online for free!

When you make a virtual travel in Taptrip, you can see pictures and information of many countries. If you promote the tour, you can upload pictures and info about your own country and introduce it to people from the whole world. 

During the trip, you can chat with many foreigner people and make new friends! When the trip is over, you only had to request them to be your Trippal and then you can keep in touch exchanging messages. 

All this experience makes you feel something good inside, just when you are traveling somewhere you've never been and making friends from many different places. 

And all this costs nothing! The functionalists of Taptrip are totally free, so everything you need is an Android or iOS device and Wifi connection to start! Have a good virtual travel! 

Download Taptrip App and make friends in more than 200 countries worldwide!

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