Thursday, September 26, 2013

Reviews of Taptrip are released in websites about Android and iOS.

Taptrip's mission is breaking the barriers of languages and distance to promote the integration of people in the whole world. For this reason we want many people to use Taptrip and hope this blog also help them to see how interesting and fun this app is.

Currently, websites have reviewed for Taptrip to clarify new users how they can enjoy the virtual trips and make friends worldwide. Here there are some main reviews from sites in many countries.

1) Universiando (Global) explains the purpose of Taptrip.
Taptrip is a mobile app which allows you to make virtual trips. This is a social network which you can meet people from many countries, exchange messages and talk about their cultures.

Translated from spanish.

2) Superdownloads (Brazil) points in which areas users can make virtual trips.

With Taptrip is possible to travel through seven different areas: Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania.

Translated from portuguese.
3) Aplicaciones Android (Spain) explains how to communicate with foreigners.

We can talk to people in our native language without problems because the app translates automatically the message, the same happens when someone chats with us.

Translated from spanish.
4) App Review Central (USA) explains how useful Taptrip is.

I can see the potential of this app being helpful to students who might be studying International Relations and globetrotters who may want to know about the country they are traveling to from a local resident. With this app, you will have the ability to travel from Australia to Zanzibar from the comfort of your own couch

Original in english.

5) Androwire (Japan) shows testimonials of three users from different countries.

"I live in the Philippines, but made ​​friends with Japanese, you can hear about anime and samurai, ninja, geisha..."

"I am from Chile and was able to make friends in Spain. We could talk about music, football and the cuisine of Spain."

"I am backpacking around the world now, so was able to actually meet in person my friends from South Africa, Morocco and Tanzania. The next plan is going to South America."

Translated from japanese.
TapTrip Habla gratis con gente de todo el mundo gracias a TapTrip

With these reviews you can understand much more about Taptrip's mission and functionality. If you use Android, you can download it on Google Play. If you use iOS, you can download it on App Store.  If you still cannot take a flight to your dream destination, enjoy the virtual trips of Taptrip! 

Download Taptrip App and make friends in more than 200 countries worldwide!

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