Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why foreigners like our country more than we do?

The previous posts were about events held in Africa. I don't know much about the culture, but now I am very interested in going there, specially after watching the video.

Thanks to Taptrip,  I could make friends in many countries and I can count on them if I need someone to introduce me the place. This year I've been in France and a brazilian friend took me to hang out in Paris. In Japan a chinese friend went with me to show the shopping area of Tokyo. And both looked more excited than in telling me things about each country people from there. Then, we think: why foreigners like our country more than we do?

This is me with friends. We are all foreigners who love Japan.
According to Ana Gasparoto, Taptripper and student of Tourism in the University of Sao Paulo, people interested in some other country can fall in love for its culture, maybe much more than locals. 

"In Brazil I've met two argentinians who decided to open a youth hostel in Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte. I think both know the city much better than any person who was born and raised in there. (...) After all, outsiders can see things that insiders cannot see." - she said.

And this is me with foreigner friends who live in Brazil and love it much more than I do.
So, maybe I will not be surprised if, after landing in Africa, a russian takes me to have a walk around. Have you also introduced another country to someone or had an outsider who did that for you? So, share your story in the comments! 

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