Monday, November 11, 2013

Be a guide of your country like Shotaro Kajitani! Check this interview!

This weekend I went to Japanese Disney Sea for the first time and my friend Shotaro was my guide in there. He took me and other friend to many places in the park, including The Tower of Terror where we take an elevator that drops very quickly. Although it was less scared than the Role Coaster of Yokohama, I screamed very loudly the same way.

The Tower if Terror in Tokyo Disney Sea, Japan.
This was not the first guide work made by Shotaro. He, who studies english at Sophia University in Tokyo, was also guide in Kyoto by the chance. And now he plans to expand this work into other places. I've interviewed him to tell more about this story.

This is me and my friend Shotaro.
Ivan: How was the experience of being an "outside" guide in Kyoto? And how did it happen?

Shotaro: It was a great experience. A couple and I became friends, we went to Kinnkaku-ji Temple, the most traditional and famous place. I explained about the temple, also explained about kimono, a traditional japanese clothing. I think many foreigners want to know about it. (...) Then, I felt the importance of explaining about Japan in english or other language.

Ivan: Now do you want to apply this idea in Tokyo? How do you plan to manage this activity?

Shotaro: At first my idea was applying just in Tokyo, but now I'm plannig to set branches in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Oita. 

Ivan: The idea is interesting and similar to the purpose of Taptrip which users can introduce their own countries through virtual tours. What do you think about it?

Shotaro: Taptrip sounds interesting!

This is Kinnkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto. Download Taptrip and see other pictures in Japan.
Yes, it does. With Taptrip app you can do the same activity Shotaro does, but using your smartphone. After installing the app, you can be the guide of a virtual tours of your country, upload pictures and info about it while chat with other users. 

So, if you plan to come to Japan and need someone to guide you, look for Shotaro. Until there, enjoy the virtual tours or be a guide in Taptrip and make many friends!

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