Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What are you doing in your country right now?


September 22th (Sunday). Mike, who lives in New York, came back home just in time to watch the Emmy which started at 08h00pm. He couldn't wait to see and discuss the results with his friend Paresh who lives in India...but, he had to wait a couple of hours because was 05h30 am in New Delhi and his buddy was still sleeping.

A few hours after, Paresh woke up at 09h00am as usual to have a traditional indian breakfast: eat idli, vada and dosa coupled with chutney and sambar. At this same time, Mike was starring a view of the Big Apple from the window.

It's funny how our activities can change according to the time zone and how they can change according to each country. Mike doesn't have breakfast at same time as Paresh and probably do not eat the same thing. Paresh also cannot appreciate a night view similar to New Yorrk at same time as Mike. 


For this reason, Taptrip wants to know what users are doing according to their time zones and the place where they live. From today on, your virtual trip`s screen will change the color if it's morning, afternoon and evening. This way, when you join or guide a tour, you can upload pictures of activities done in your country during the day and night.

Then, you can check what Paresh is eating and what Mike is staring at same time. Download Taptrip and have fun all the time! 

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